Emergency Home Assist for Builders and Developers

Provide reassurance to home buyers through cost effective, fast response, 24/7 after settlement support


Save time and money whilst delivering your clients a great post build gift implemented at settlement

Owners of a newly built or renovated home look to their builder for help and guidance in the event of an issue or emergency at their new property. Call outs can be costly and a time consuming burden for builders and developers. RACV Emergency Home Assist provides a fast, reliable and cost effective service that ensures your home buyers are urgently assisted.

We cover a range of common home emergencies, from a simple pilot light outage or accidental lockout through to the more serious incidents that builders are typically responsible for such as blocked toilet or drain, power failure, gas leak or burst pipe.

An incident report will be emailed to the builder and the homeowner so you can rest assured knowing you are consistently informed every step along the way.

How it works

  • 1

    Emergency occurs

    Home owner calls the RACV emergency number.

  • 2

    RACV triage call

    RACV triages the call to allocate the incident to their emergency plumber, electrician or locksmith.

  • 3

    Tradesperson attends call out

    The emergency is responded to (with 90% of call outs within the hour). 

  • 4

    Emergency is fixed or made safe

    The incident is resolved with either a completed fix or quote for additional work for more complex jobs. 

  • 5

    Tradesperson sends incident report

    A report detailing the incident is emailed to both the homeowner and the builder.

  • 5

    Incident closed

    If an incident is not resolved and requires further work, RACV will provide a free no obligation free quote for the repairs.


Exclusions and limitations apply. Please refer to the RACV Emergency Home Assist Terms and Conditions for more details.  

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